Dynamic object identification in ANDRIOD APP

Just like WebUI.modifyObjectProperty, we don’t have a method to modify property within Mobile class. Since the items list changes based on which user has logged in into the application, we need to modify the text property of a TestObject and set its value to the one which we want to find.
It will be helpful if we come to know a way through which we can dynamically identify the object within in app by specifying the property value at runtime

I also looked for an easy way to do this, in my case trying to select a dynamic object from a search-generated list. I found that this will work for modifying the ‘text’ property in your script (not sure it’s elegant but it works):

Mobile.tap(findTestObject(PathToYourTestObject, [(‘text’) : (‘YourExpectedText’))]), 1)

You also need to set the text property in your stored test object to ${text}, as below:

Hello @padangale ,

Katalon Studio does support parameterizing test objects to handle dynamic objects. Here are some useful links for your reference:

Hope they will help!


@SC_Smith ${<variable_name>} is exactly the syntax for creating a place holder. You do it right, mate!