Make the test fail if the page doesn't load after 5 seconds and can't find an item

Hi everyone!

I want to carry out a test that considers the loading time of a page and if it does not load after that time it ends in error.

Or in general, if the duration of the test is greater than 1 min, it ends in failure.

What about the below technique?

Just to say that JMeter plugin doesn’t work after version 7 as far as I understand:

Project Settings > Execution > WebUI > Default page load timeout

You can try setting this 5 seconds, and see how it works.

But you should be aware that the quickness of loading a web page depends on environment; in the Env P it may be as quick as 3 seconds, but in the Env D it may be as slow as 10 seconds. Having 5 seconds as default timeout might make your testing work difficult to manage.

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The Plugin does not work.

However, you can manually configure JMeter in your project, and run a JMeter-based test. Read the section titled " Manually integrate JMeter with Katalon Studio" in the document

Thanks a lot! I did the suggested configuration and everything was fine.