MacBook Air set up

Having followed all steps to install and set up Katalon Studio on a MacBook Air.
Installed appium 1.15.9
Node 10.16.3
Katalon Studio 6.3.3 (build 1.1)
Carthage 0.33
Swift 5.1
iOS-WebKit-debug-proxy 1.8.5_1
Xcode 11.0

The issue arise when I try and initialise the WebDriverAgent
The web driver agent folder has not found so the initialise step does not work. Advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hi, Julie,

I had some problems with the WebDriverAgent and found it helpful to download the latest from github: and then copy it into the Appium folder.

On my Mac it’s located here:

You can check where Katalon is looking for Appium by going to Preferences > Mobile > Appium Directory

Hope that’s helpful for you.

Thanks for the information. That solved the issue