Local Katalon Analytics

Should be able to use katalon analytics locally.


Hi siva, see this post as it has ongoing discussion about wanting a local Katalon Analytics:


Click upvote on that post if you want local katalon analytics.

Looks like clicking on the link does not work. Linking in the forum software has a problem. It does not put the : in the URL. Even though it shows the : in the post.

Copy the URL below and enter it in your browser:

Weird. First one fails but second one works. Perhaps they’ll fix it while they’re adding http://forum.katalon.com/discussion/5993/improve-linking-in-forums

Hi Russ,

Yeah, the first one I used the Link URL dropdown just above the post field to insert the URL and that didn’t work. But the 2nd one, I just copied the URL directly in the post field and it worked.