License will not activate product

I used a trial license until it expired. My company then bought licenses. When I try to activate Katalon using it the application lets me log in but fully licensed features are still disabled and the application shows an expired trial license.

I can log into some areas of the Katalon site but when I try to submit a ticket it shows me as unlicensed as well.

Any ideas?


HI @matthew.moreira,

For any license issues, you can create a support ticket at Katalon Help Center. Katalon Support Team will help you resolve the issue.


When I attempt to submit a ticket I’m met with this:

If I then try to login to submit an alternate ticket, I’m told my password is invalid. Resetting my password doesn’t help.


Please ask your organization admin to check that they granted licence to your account or not: Grant Katalon Licenses | Katalon Docs

I found there was an activation link I had to use which was not previously disclosed to me. I’m licensed now, thanks.

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