KSE Updates URL/Port

Someone in our team is trying to get KSE setup on a workstation which is tightly locked down by networking. When trying to authenticate or check for updates he’s getting an error saying it can’t connect to the Katalon Update Server. What are the endpoints and ports that we need to raise a firewall request for?
I found one Katalon article saying " For update checking/ bugs reporting, Katalon Studio uses port 443", and another giving the following list of required endpoints…

Are you behind the corporates Proxy?
If so, have you setup the “Authentication Proxy”?

Thanks Kazurayam. There is no proxy involved.

Please show the full console messages without trimming.

There’s no console log, this message appears on starting up KSE…
I had the user turn off automatically searching for updates, but now his issue is that the license isn’t being picked up (Help->About shows “Checking expiration date” all the time, it never updates). Please can you advise what we need to ask of our firewall team (endpoints and ports)?

Please provide the Error log of Katalon Studio. A quote from How to help us help you

Sometimes, though rarely, the problem lies within Katalon itself. In those rare cases, the Katalon runtime log can prove very helpful (@ThanhTo). You can access the runtime log via the menu:


  • If your runtime log is huge, please zip it before posting it!

Thanks Kazurayam. I’ve attached his log here.Katalon Error Log.txt (18.1 KB)

I could not find in the log any information that tells us what to do next. sorry.

OK thanks for trying. I’ve raised a support ticket, I’ll update this post if we get to the bottom of the issue.