KS7 - Any limitations on Data Driven Testing?

Thank you so much for the response !
One last question - can the data driven testing be used to run same test case with 20 different sets of data? any limitations? each data set has like 100 fields…

Hi @Tina

We do not impose such quota on the free version, however there is a quota on the number of data sources:

If you’re using a single data source per test case, then you can run a test suite with 20 test cases bound to 20 different data sources, that is fine.

You can also look at the comment section in the above documentation where I answered to a user asks for clarification about this feature.

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Awesome, thank you so much for your response.

So if I understand correctly - only one data source per test case. correct?


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Yes @Tina, that is correct.

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