Katalon 7: Combining multiple data sources is only available on Katalon Studio Enterprise version

I have a problem using the free version of Katalon 7. It NOW does not allow me to use multiple data sources in the test suite level. I have multiple CSV files that I use for my test. Currently, my solution is to put them in only 1 CSV file.

Example: I need to run 11 contacts (1 CSV) and test different statuses (2 CSV) on page 1 and page 2 (3 CSV).

Now, I’m planning to create 1 CSV file and store them all there.

Any recommendations or tips on how to do use multiple data sources on the Test Suite level? I know I can do it in the Test Case level but my test case will not be reusable if I do that. I only use 1 test case when I use multiple data sources in the Test Suite level but if I do it in the test case level I would now have To create 11 different test cases for them.