KRE Localisation PB on report


After execution I got different result due to localisation on HTMLreport.

For exemple :
On report launched from KRE I got :

  • Résultat recherché : Le client-id utilisé ne correspond pas à celui de l’application
    On report launched from Katalon Studio which is the correct:
  • Résultat recherché : Le client-id utilisé ne correspond pas à celui de l’application

Excuse my french, and then what can I do? Do I miss something ?


Do you have your application in French or your test in French?

The app we’re testing is in french and the message report we put at TC level is in code on katalon but we write error message and comment in code in French too. ex : (WS.comment(“frenchtextwithàéorèsymbols”)

I suppose, this is running on your develipment machine, which have the localization set to French.
When running with KRE i suppose you run it on another machine? So you will have to set that also to French.
The issue is caused by characters encoding like é

No, for now we didn’t implement yet KRE on another machine, we run the TS on the same machine KRE and KatalonStudio but we got different results on HTML report.

Mhm … with docker on natively?
If second, what is the OS you use?
Could be, KRE (or your terminal in use) it is not aware of the localization settings.

If that’s the case, for windows, you can try something like this:

Thanks, we’ll try that.

We try we switch first the language via (chcp 65001) to get utf8
We tried also (-encoding UTF8) at the end of the command
We still have the same issue


You certainly have a string “Résultat recherché : Le client-id utilisé ne correspond pas à celui de l’application” somewhere.

Where is it originally?

Is that string hard-coded in a Test Case script?

Is that string is written in a property of a Test Case configuration in Katalon Studio GUI somewhere?

Is that string contained in some external text file?

Could you take a screenshot and share it here so that we could see where that string is written.

Please tell us in which character encoding the string “Résultat recherché : Le client-id utilisé ne correspond pas à celui de l’application” is saved? Are you aware of it or not? Is the encoding utf-8 or not?

We code it hard on code like that :

Or even comment like that :

are not correctly reported the symbol é become something else.

As remind, it’s only on KRE, on Studio It’s fine.


Katalon Studio runs with encoding=utf-8. You can check it in the katalon.ini file:


Please find a line of -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 .

The katalon.ini file is located at /Applications/Katalon on my Mac. On Windows? I don’t know. Please check the folder you installed Katalon Studio.

So, Katalon Studio works with -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 and, as you reported, it works fine without any Internationalization (I18N) problem.

Then how about KRE?

I don’t have a license of KRE, so that I can not check it. Please find the katalon.ini file of your KRE installation and check if -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 is there or not.

I guess, there isn’t. If the System property file.encoding is not explicitly specified, the Open JDK would use iso8859-01 = US ASCII, not UTF-8. Therefore you got an I18N problem of KRE.

Old versions of Katalon Studio had an I18N problem.

In May 2019, I raised a bug report and proposed a fix for it.

I haven’t check if the same fix was applied to KRE or not. Possibly not.

I am afraid that Katalon team forgot to do it.

Fix is done on KRE, however, at root I got two .ini file :

  • katalon.ini which is empty
  • katalonc.ini which is more or less the same as you mentioned


Did you find the katalonc.ini file misses a line of -Dfile.encoding=utf-8?

Did you edit the file manually so that it has a line of -Dfile.encoding=utf-8?

If so, I think Katalon team should change the bundled katalonc.ini so that KRE users need not to edit the file manually. Do you agree?


Please move this issue to the “bug report” category.

Yes, we did. Problems remains.