HTML report unable to shows unicode


Recently i have updated my Katalon version to 7.8.2 from docker, then i try to run my existing test suite to health check on any issue. However, i do notice that when i open in to the html report, the unicode (Chinese words) all turned to question marks as image shown below:

I have checked the case run correctly and the keywords all those can verify correctly in system, only the HTML showcase is dummy words.
Can anyone take a look on this? Because my system mainly using unicode to showcase. Thanks
Sever OS: linux
docker katalon version: 7.8.2

@duyluong @ThanhTo

Hi @Alan_Chan1,

Is it happen with HTML report only or another reports too?

so far i only obtain two report from docket run, junit report and html report.
After i check on it, junit report still showing the correct unicode, is just HTML report shows incorrectly.


any findings so far? @duyluong