[Katalon Webinar] Top up Katalon Studio: Explore plugins for better testing efficiency


Hi all,

To meet the need for more competitive testing features, we have recently launched Katalon Store—a platform to apply and create plugins that extend the testing capability of Katalon Studio.

Join our webinar to learn how to utilize this platform:

- When: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 | 1:00 PM (GMT+5:30)
- Duration: 1 hour

Our product expert will walk you through:

  • Insights on Katalon Store and usage guidelines
  • How to apply plugins to maximize the testing efficiency in Katalon Studio
  • How to publish plugins and share custom keywords
  • How to monetize plugins and meet the market demands in Katalon Store

Who should attend?

  • Agile team members, QAs, and software developers
  • Project managers, CTOs
  • Anyone who wants to make the most use of Katalon Studio functionalities

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Our team at Katalon would like to thank you for interest in the webinar: “Top up Katalon Studio - Explore Katalon plugins for better testing efficiency.” We hope you enjoyed the presentation.

If you were not able to join the event, worry not! You can still watch the presentation and slide deck again HERE.

Top questions from the audience:

  1. Where can I download the template for creating a plugin?

You can refer to this Katalon sample plugin as the template. For more detailed instructions, please refer to Create your first Katalon Studio plugin.

  1. If I want to upload my plugin, would it be free for other users or chargeable? or what makes the plugins chargeable?

Your plugins listed on Katalon Store can be free or paid, depends on your purposes and visions when listing plugins in Katalon Store.

To make the plugins chargeable, you should consider these following criteria:

  • Development cost: whether there is any cost involved in the plugin development process.
  • Value: whether your plugin brings valuable outcomes and meet the expectation of users.

In general, to uphold standards of quality and reliability that our users expect, all publicly listed plugins including both free and paid are subject to an approval process. Refer to this Plugin approval process for more details.

  1. How to package a custom keyword into a plugin?

Please refer to (How to develop Custom Keywords Plugins) for more detailed information on how to package custom keywords-as-plugins and sample project.

  1. What will be the approximate cost for the plugins in the future?

We are in the process of finalizing our plug-in price. It will be soon available next week. The price will be very affordable for all our users so stay tuned!
One last good news is that if you are a user that is currently joining our beta program, we will offer a 50% discount as we mentioned in the previous campaign.

  1. When I try to install any free plugin it doesn’t be installed in my list even it gave me installed sign in the browser

Please kindly check your Katalon version. If the plugin you installed is a custom keyword plugin, then you are required to upgrade your tool to version 6.1 or later.

  1. Also, Price for the plugin will be the 1-time amount or monthly/yearly subscription any idea?

Plugin prices will be charged as annual subscriptions. In addition, we will offer 2 kinds of license: For individual and for a team. The individual license cannot be transferred to another account. With team license, you can share licenses across team members as well as using with CLI/console mode.

Have any questions or feedback? Please let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks and see you at our upcoming activities!


Looking forward to it !

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So for some reason, i click join webinar in the email link and it directs me to page that says link expired. Am i missing something?

The time, 1:00pm (GMT+5:30), i am assuming is 1:00pm plus 5:30 for GMT as suggested meaning this should be running from 6:30pm. Is that right?

Like most people, me included, times presented like that are just plain confusing. It’s safe to assume we understand the math, I mean, come on, it’s trivial, but I can’t help myself getting it wrong 50% of the time. And I got it wrong AGAIN for this event.

So, the time was 1pm, or (1300 hrs) in India, which is 5hrs 30 mins ahead of GMT.

So, in London UK, that would be 5 and a half hours EARLIER than 1pm India.

For me, Central time USA, 11 and a half hours earlier than 1pm India (i.e. useless).

It’s pretty much clear this event was meant for folks in the eastern hemisphere.

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Ah right, ok. That makes sense. Thanks @Russ_Thomas.

It would have been helpful if the timezone had just been mentioned. i.e 1:00pm IST

I assumed it was evening for me because all support points to Atlanta, GA.

Dissapointing as i am trying to get my organisation to consider this tool to aid our Agile development. Oh well, next time maybe.

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Hi all,

Our apology for the confusing timezone. In case you missed the event, please refer to the recap video HERE.

The presentation deck is available at http://bit.ly/katalon-slide-deck

Let us know if we have any questions.

Katalon team

Hi all, this is what I made use for reminding since the invite is containing GMT+5:30 while time-mentioned is 1PM. With this website, you can personalized the timezones of interest. Alternatively you could make use OS one, e.g., clock-widget.
With the known, you can then workout with your current timezone for the difference either forward or backward. My timezone is 2:30 ahead of presenter’s 1PM time, i.e., 3:30PM of localtime.

Usually the mail exchange or client would auto handled when a meeting invite is sent, e.g., Outlook or Gmail.


I appreciate your input. However, most people will not go to that trouble to figure out what a quoted time means. Me included.

Here is the problem, in a nutshell:

1PM (GMT+ 5:30)

Is the time quoted time 1PM already adjusted to GTM+5.5 hrs? Or…

Does the time 1PM need the 5.5hrs added to it to reflect true GMT? Or…

Is the time 1PM meant to show my local time adjusted for 1PM GMT and then add 5.5hrs?

This is not a new problem. Yes, there are conventions but the issue here is, most people most of the time rarely need to learn the convention. Therefore, it’s an essentially useless convention.

The event should have said 1PM IST. No confusing time additions, just a simple time in a known timezone. Let people figure out themselves what that means locally.

Hi @Russ_Thomas, am using Hotmail/Outlook when got the invitation.

1PM (GMT+5:30)

That basically indicating the meeting time that at 1PM of timezone that’s GMT+5:30.
When GMT+0 this same as UTC+0, and hopes here can give a better visualization.

True, it’s a pain as used to work with offices of various timezones especially with states that east and west coast time not-in-sync and also day-time-saving when on or off. :slight_smile:

Conventionally when an meeting invite from email softwares used, this would auto-calculated by the respective email client of recipient to reflect in each’s local-time. Unfortunately the invite we received only yield in UTC/GMT of presenter.