Katalon Store...what's the cost/licensing on Plugins?

When browsing through the Katalon Store and I find a plugin I like, I select the ‘Try it free’ button - this implies that the plugin is about to cost something. Example:


I realize that the store’s in beta and not official yet, but I don’t know the answers to some important questions.

  • a) What’s it going to cost me after 30 days if I want to keep it?
  • b) How hard will it be to pull it back out of Katalon Studio if I elect not to use it?
  • c) Will Katalon Studio’s functionality be limited if I don’t use the plugins?

Hi @D_Adams

I can’t answer the first question. But the other ones I can:

b) and c): Plug-ins provide additional capabilities to Katalon Studio, so removing plug-ins is very easy. Katalon Store allows you to manage your plug-ins and their (un)installations so you have a web-based UI and all operations should be within a few mouse clicks.

Functionalities that are only available with plug-ins will not work without plug-ins. Existing functionalities of Katalon Studio will not be affected, so what you have done in the past won’t be limited.

Regards !

For c): we won’t intentionally create limitations for Katalon Studio to force users to purchase plugins :slight_smile:. Katalon Studio is and will be in active development regardless of Katalon Store and Katalon Platform.