Katalon plugin pricing and setup

I have a few questions about your plugins

  1. The plugin say ‘paid’ but there is no pricing details. Where do I find the pricing?
  2. How does licensing happen? Is there some license key / serial number that is sent by your team? Is the license per user/machine/organization?
  3. If I want to develop my own plugin and want to monetize on this plugin, can I publish this plugin on your site an make some $$$? If yes, because this will encourage developers to write more stuff, do you expose some license SDK and utility in your plugin architecture?


Hi @araza

Thank you for your interest in Katalon Store. Please find below the information you need.

  1. Price of the plugins: We are in the process of finalizing our plug-in price. It will be soon available. The price will be very affordable for all our users so stay tuned!
  2. License policy: A license subscription is entitled to 1 machine under an account. If you need to install the plugin to another machine (eg: for remote execution) you will need another account. We offer 2 kinds of license: For individual and for a team. The individual license cannot be transferred to another account. With team license, you can share licenses across team members as well as using with CLI/console mode.
  3. Publishing plugins: You definitely can develop your own plugin and monetize on your plugins through Katalon Store in the near future, and you are highly encouraged to submit your own plugins (free or lite versions) to the store now. At the moment, we are in the process of completing all features for taking payments on our site. And of course, all license SDK will be ready as soon as the process is finished. So please stay tuned!
    If you need any further support regarding publishing plugins on our site, please kindly contact us via store@katalon.com.

Thank you.

Katalon Store team.

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Hello, I don’t see an update on this thread nor any documentation on the site regarding the same. Can you please update on how is the pricing finalized and can plugins be monetised by developers?