Katalon keep looking the object which was not in the application

Hi All,

I was testing custom keyword that waiting for a mandatory text field, which was not there in the application. But Katalon was keeps waiting for that particular object for several minutes rather terminate the test and make it to failed status.

How to fix this long wait, that keep looking for that xpath for several minutes?
I have disabled the self healing feature as well.

Glad if I can get some help on this.


We’d have to see some code of your custom keyword to offer some solutions, but Katalon’s built-in keywords offer a simple solution. WebUI.verifyElementPresent(testObject, timeoutInSeconds) timeoutInSeconds being the max time to wait for the element to appear. If you expect it it to sometimes raise an error, you can add in FailureHandling as a third parameter.

In almost 30 years of working with HTML, I have never seen an id like this:


Are you sure you have coded your Test Objects correctly?

Meanwhile, check you have a reasonable value in this setting: