Katalon version 6.1.2 showing incorrect Katalon version in Reports

Please see the image:

Im using 6.1.2 version here as you can see in the image, and also please look at the log viewer where it is showing version as 5.10.

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Found the reason, as I had two Katalon Studio installed in my machine. uninstalling the other one worked.
But still I feel if Im executing my tests in 6.1.2, it should not show any other versions.

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I am moving this to Bug reports as it seems to be a bug.


Just for your information.

Katalon Studio creates %USERPROFILE%\.katalon\application.properties file when you go through the Activation process for a version of KS. The content is as follows.

As you can see, in the application.properties file, you can find the path where KS is installled. This indicates that Katalon Studio assumes that you should have only single version of KS activated.

You can download multiple versions of KS and deploy them into your PC. Howerver, in theory, you can have only one version among them activated.

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