Can i find out what version was used by looking at files in Katalon Project Folder?


I used various version of Katalon Studio to create projects. (eg. 6.1.5, 6.3.3, 7.0.10)
When I replay these projects, I’d like to use Katalon Studio version that I used to create these projects.

I am wondering if we can tell which Katalon Studio version was used by looking at any files in Katalon Project Folder? (I mean project files in the windows folder)


Based on a file-contents search, I’d say no. But it’s possible I missed something.

Call out @Brandon_Hein @Marek_Melocik @kazurayam @ThanhTo @devalex88

I agree with @Russ_Thomas, I don’t think it’s possible in the way you’ve described.

Just curious about why this is important. Can you describe the purpose a little bit? It may lead to a solution for you.

I agree with @Russ_Thomas.

By the way, on my Windows 10 PC, I found a file C:\Users\myname\.katalon\ which has following content:

#Thu May 16 07:15:24 JST 2019

I think this control information is updated everytime you start Katalon Studio. This file implies that Katalon Studio is designed naively assuming that you have only 1 version of Katalon Studio on a machine installed. Multiple versions of Katalon Studio on a machine — it is out of scope.

I personally have never wanted multiple versions of Katalon Studio on a machine. The latest version of KS works fine for every projects that I have created using the older versions of KS. I do not understand why @Phil_Jeon wants multiple versions of KS.

That may be true - haven’t checked. If you delete that file, when you restart Katalon, it will ask you to re-activate. So I guess it’s the properties file sent by the activation server.

Either way, it doesn’t help prove which scripts were written by which version of KS.

I think that’s a TestOps design choice. Licenses are node-locked by machine instance. If you run 2 or more installs of any 7+ release, each one will overwrite the last and each one will want to re-activate (my guess).

@devalex88 Any chance you could enlighten us here? Also, could script metadata/properties be expanded to include lastModifiedByKSVersion field?

I do not think so. I believe that the ~/.katalon/ file is traditional one. I believe version 6.x has it. Perhaps version 5.x also has it.

By the way, I found the 1st line of ~\.katalon\ file useful.

Test case script can read the file to find, in this line, where the current Katalon Studio binary is located.

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Currently that’s not possible. It’s more of a versioning issue, so I suppose you would have to intentionally mark the version somewhere (perhaps and use this clue to choose the appropriate version instead.

@Brandon_Hein I was getting an error when I opened project created in Studio Version 7.0.10 using the older version of Studio (6.3.3).

Error - unable to resolve class