Katalon v6 and below

Hi All,

Am desperately searching for a solid answer on whether Katalon v6 and older versions will continue to work as is after their end of life at the end of April. I am currently running both KS7 and KS6 and on KS6 I receive the pop up informing me that its reached end of life and I will no longer be able to activate KS6 on any machine and will not receive any support, maintenance or bug fixes.

Whilst I understand this my question is simply, will there come a time where I am blocked from opening Katalon v6 completely. I have a relatively small regression pack running on KS6 and I’d like to keep all intact for the foreseeable future whilst my organization decides on procuring licenses for KS7. So currently as mentioned I am still able to use it with the pop up but will this change in future? Or will I be able to continue using it for the next couple years whilst understanding the risks of working with a non supported version?

Additionally, is there any way to disable the update service?? Would prefer to not get the pop up whilst I am aware that there is a new version available for donwload.

Would appreciate your prompt response in this regard.


According to Katalon, officially “yes”. However…

Other events could arise to effectively make that a “no”. If you try to activate an old version (install a v6 release on a new machine) you will fail. The initial activation of a new install of old versions is no longer possible. So, for example, if your machine dies, your HD fails, etc., you’re out of luck.

Yes. (But maybe not in older versions?)

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