Katalon unable to see iOS native pop ups

Is Katalon Studio capable of being able to see the iOS native pop ups such as the Don’t Allow/Allow Notifications or Geolocation (Don’t all/allow access to location data)? I’m using Kobiton integration on MacOS to Mobile Spy objects on a cloud device but I’m not able to see any objects on the screen until I manually get past the Notification Don’t Allow/Allow and Geolocation Don’t Allow/Allow popup portion of our app. Though this is asked on first time loading the app since I’m running on Kobiton devices the pop ups will show up each time I run a script due to cleanup policies. Curious how I can get around or solve this issue?

Screenshot is showing that no objects were captured by Katalon with this pop up present

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Welcome to our community. Will you be able to use the accept or dismiss alert? How to Handle Alerts in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs. Otherwise, can you locate the Allow button

I resolved my issue using:

capabilities.setCapability(“autoDismissAlerts”, true);


I looked over the link but I don’t have acceptAlert or dismissAlert as optioins in Mobile keywords. I’m not able to accept or dismiss the alert, mobile spy doesn’t see this object.