Katalon TestOps: Unexpected response, URL: https://analytics.katalon.com/oauth/token, Status: 400, Response

It was running today in our Jenkins. Now it’s not running:

There is no problem while running locally.

We are also experiencing the same thing. API Keys are not showing to create CI commands. We are also unable to log into K Test Ops Business. It took us 20min just to get to the community portal to advise of these issues. We also have been facing 500 Gateway errors. When we try to configure our Tests to Azure Dev Ops. via the access token we get the same error.

Thank you, QATeam. And here is what I see when trying to create a ticket as per How the customers who are PAYING for KSE and KRE real money can get REAL support from KATALON when it’s needed? - #2 by ThanhTo


What is this? “Catch 22”? ))

Sorry, that is a screenshot of what we have been getting when we attempt to log in to Katalon Test Business Ops. Sorry I should have been clearer on that.

QATeam, have you been able to let Katalon know about the issue? Is somebody looking into it?

I believe that one of our team members reached out as well and I was going to follow up with them and yes, I got your catch 22 :slight_smile: :smile:

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It started this afternoon (EST). It appears the authentication system is down. Anything other than logging into Test Ops itself is failing for me and that might only be working because I already had an OAUTH token for Test Ops earlier today. They should be coming online in Vietnam in a few hours. Hopefully, this will be resolved then. That’s the biggest problem with Katalon. There seems to be no around-the-clock support. I asked about the Atlanta office when I was on a call with them a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, it is just business people and a few executives. The technical folks are all in Vietnam.

I’d like to see a US based support team that is available during our business hours. My experience with support is that they’re pretty responsive, as long as it’s during their business hours. An availability dashboard on the main site would be nice, as well. That way we can check ourselves and see in an instant what the problem is when we encounter and unexpected error. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Katalon fan, but we really need better support tools!

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Thank you for your reply as we started to wonder if this was only us, but then I had seen the recent post(s) concerning the same.

As with you we are in the same boat unfortunately, in regards to the response ETA to resolve time. We don’t typically have allot of issues but when we do they impact us by losing a majority between 8-10 hrs. of planned work that now we have to move back a day or so. We try to manage it but unfortunately it appears as like in your situation, we are bottlenecked or impacted for a decent period of time.

Lets hope overnight hours helpdesk can resolve the situation effectively and efficiently since it appears there will be more folks looking for answers if the authentication portion is down cause that’s a biggie if you will :frowning:


Warm greeting from Katalon!

Thanks for all your report. At present, we are witnessing an increase in API Error rates in the AWS US region and that’s the root cause why users cannot log in. We did offer services hosted in this region and all of them are currently online, consequently, users may experience some reduced performance.

With that said, our operations teams tried their best to monitor this situation proactively. Ultimately, with all effort, now the authentication system can operate normally. In case you wanna keep updated, kindly check @KatalonStatus on Twitter for updates.

More importantly, at Katalon, we always strive for the best customer support, thus, we provide agents around the clock at this time so that our users can reach out to us whenever they need. Hence, you don’t have to care about the timezone difference anymore. If you need us, we’re always available to support you.

We also apologize if you confronted any confusion and thanks so much for your understanding.

Thank you for the response and the effort to resolve this issue. Makes us feel better that this is being monitored accordingly as well. We appreciate the status updates and will check back regularly for any additional updates.