Katalon TestOps fails to download project repo from git after integration

I have added Git repo in my Katalon TestOps CI Code repo. All the configurations were setup.
And after creating a plan to fetch from the repo and running it, always the job is failing with an error “Downloading from undefined. It may take a few minutes.”

Can someone help to fix this?


Hi @nithuamz

Are you using Agents the latest version ? Please download the agent and set up again to see if it works. TestOps’s recent features to work with Git Repo requires the latest version agents.


Yeah it was my agent issue. Thanks :slight_smile: When I updated my agent it started working

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I’m having the same issue with katalon-agent-win-x64-v1.7.3

Should I update it? Or should I use an older one? I downloaded it from TestOps page