Katalon TestOps Error: Unexpected argument (s)

Hi all,

I face an issue when executing a schedule on TestOps; it results in a failure accompanied by the following error message:

Unexpected argument(s): server-url, kre-image-tag, job-info, agent-config, agent-download-link

I would appreciate a solution to this problem, please."



I think you are trying to execute your tests in Katalon Agent via an online agent.

  1. please check the Agent is online
  2. please check the input(command Arguments) you gave to the agent
  3. stop the agent and restart and try again.

If possible please share the command arguments you used to start the Agent for understanding your blocker in detail


If you’re trying to run on Testcloud you have a warning that licence has expired

Thank you for your response.

@bharathi.a Yes, I’m initiating the execution using a Circle CI agent. I followed the steps from the documentation, and it is connected successfully.
I can also initiate the test suite collection directly on Circle CI, and it works.
Nevertheless, I’d like us to transition to Katalon TestOps, which is why I’m attempting to make the executions function on the Katalon TestOps platform.

@Dan_Bown I don’t need Testcloud; I want to use Circle CI.

Thank you for the reply
need to check the command line arguments. can you mask the private details and share it ?

of if you are a paid user you can create a support ticket for the same.

Thank you for your feedback:

The command line arguments are created by Katalon. You can find them directly on the right side of the screenshot in the first message:

Katalon Command Arguments
-retry=0 -testSuiteCollectionPath="Test Suites/Test Suites Collection/DEV/EMAILS" --config -webui.autoUpdateDrivers=true -executionUUID=******** -orgId=102685 -apiKey=********

Thank you, I have just opened a ticket