Error when running Katalon Command Line due to Test Ops Integration

I’m getting the following message when trying to run Katalon Command Line via TeamCity:

Project ‘Testing’ opened
The project named Testing is required to integrate with TestOps. Please double check and try again.
Exit code: 5.
All launchers terminated

Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this? I’ve tried disabling TestOps integration and it’s still occurring.


Im having the same issue with running test suites with Docker from command line (was working yesterday). Also disabled TestOps integration which made no difference.

Im using the free version of ‘Katalon Studio - Standalone Edition 8.5.1’ and Runtime Engine (which is licensed).

@Katalon_team has something changed overnight?

I’ve spoken to Katalon Support, and the temporary workaround is to downgrade to version 8.4.1 (prior to all the Katalon Platform changes).

It appears like they’ve made some changes this morning which has impacted all Standalone Edition users. I’ve been informed they are looking into it.

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Thanks @qa119 good to know, appreciate you passing on the information :slightly_smiling_face:

In that case ill drop down to 8.4.1.

As a bit of background, iv been looking to upgrade from 7.8 for a while (which is used in the release pipeline), and only just started using version 8 (as of last week).

I do wonder whether most Katalon users work a minor version or 2 behind latest so to avoid breaking issues like this :thinking:

Hello everybody! I’m having the same issue with docker.
Do you have some fresh infos from Katalon Support?

I do. For my regular job, I have no need to upgrade.

i used also major versions behind, for stability reasons.
as long as it works, don’t upgrade.
for the same reason, in pipelines i used specific docker tags, to answer also to @qa113. (never use latest)

upgrades have to be planned carefully, after all users of the studio himself are confirming they switched to the agreed version and the corresponding runtime engine is also tested in the pipeline.

if it works like it is, don’t fix it!

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Got info from Katalon that they have fixed the problem with dock image and standalone/platform edition.
Tested it my self now and it works with latest version (8.5.2)

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Thanks for the good news !!

I am behind as well. I suppose that most of experienced Katalon users work behind the latest. On the other hand, all of newcomers to the Katalon world innocently work on the latest. They work with their fresh eyes :star_struck:, they will inevitably get issues and report here. Hence newcomers are contributing to the products a lot , while experienced guys are not :sunglasses:.

@kazurayam the worst testers are known to be experienced developers or users of a certain app.
by default they will use it by such maner to avoid known/potentiall issues, therefore skiping sometime valid testscenarios (negative workflows)