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Given I have a Scheduled Test Run using a Katalon Command with TestCloud
When I execute the Scheduled Test Run
Then the Test Run stops prematurely and the status is Incomplete

Execution is on TestCloud Linux Chrome 116 using Katalon 8.6.8

The following Katalon Command example is used

-testSuiteCollectionPath="Test Suites/Example/DEMO/ABC" -executionProfile="dev-test"



Debug Log (Obfuscated)
debug.log (35.5 KB)


  1. Create a new Schedule Test Run with a Katalon Command to execute a test collection with a specified profile
  2. Specify the run is executed in TestCloud and using the latest Katalon version
  3. Observe the run works for a few minutes and then results in a status of Incomplete

When executing using the Katalon Command then the Test Run successfully executes the Test Collection and reports a corresponding status

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How many test cases are available in your test collection?

@atul.rai Thanks for the question.

How many test cases are available in your test collection?

The Test Collection is made up the following:

  • 11 x Test Suites
  • 48 x Total Test Cases

Please check your git repository is properly synched or not
Go to testOps → Settings and click to Refresh script repository

@atul.rai Thank you for the suggestion.
That did not change the Scheduled Test Run execution result and still goes into an Incomplete status after a few minutes of running tests.
It would be nice to add the flag for the executionProfile as a selectable option from the Test Collection when configuring a Test Run since that is the only reason for me running the Katalon Command option.

Hello @jason.tolotta - Please check whether this code is running successfully through local KRE with same setting