Katalon Test-suite-collection docker execution in parallel

Hi Team,
I’m trying to execute Katalon Test-suite-collection in parallel using docker image in console.
however, the execution happens sequentially for all the test-suites inside the Test-collection in console using docker command even though we have selected parallel in execution method in katalon-studio.
Please suggest the reason or workaround for it. I have both the licenses: KRE and Katalon enterprise(trial version).

How did you notice that?

I think, you can not distinguish, by looking at the console messages, if 2 Test Suites ran in parallel or sequentially.

Even if 2 Test Suites ran in parallel, you will find 2 blocks of messages from 2 Test Cases printed in sequence in the console. I have ever obseved that the message lines from a Test Suite will be buffered in memory during the execution and will be flushed at once at the end of each Test Suite. You would never see messages from 2 Test Suites intermixed line-by-line. (You can imagin how it would be terrible if we see messages from 2 Test Suites are intermixed line-by-line; it’s a complete mess.)