Katalon Test Report

Hi All, The current HTML Report that gets published post execution contains only the “In-focus” screen screenshot in case of failures. How we can modify the plugin to have the full page screenshot embedded in report in case of failures which will be more helpful i debugging . can this feature accommodated in next release cycle ? **Not expecting any direct answer but you can share the high level approach on how someone can procced to customize the report. Thanks. @Katalon_team @Russ_Thomas @kazurayam

The HTML Report of Katalon Studio offers no customizability. No hope.

Try searching this forum with key “customize report”. You will find many old discussions. All of them are unresolved.

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My "high level approach’ is this:

Don’t expect the built-in Report to be customizable somehow someday.

Rather, develop your own code that compiles your favourable Report. You can make it using TestListener.

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Thanks @kazurayam