Reporting Options

I am looking for a good reporting option. We are using the Katalon runtime engine to test multiple severs/environments from the command line with selenium grid. The only reports that we can generate from this is the junit reports and screenshots upon failure. The junit reports that are generated are not very easy to navigate and find your failure and when you do the failure is usually not very descriptive. We can enhance our scripts with better failure handling and intend to do so. However, I am hoping to find a better option then just junit reports and screenshots that may or may not help understand why a test case failed. Has anyone found any plugins or any 3rd party products that will consume the junit tests and turn them into something more useful?


Hi @Nathaniel_Davis

For the purpose of sharing, Katalon supports exporting reports of test suites into other formats such as HTML , CSV , PDF and JUnit by using Basic Report plugin. More details.

To use a Katalon plugin, please subscribe to the Katalon Studio Enterprise license.


Thanks @Jass! That is exactly what I was looking for. The video playback feature is a nice addition. This helps alot.

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