Katalon Test Case Editor got crazy when I clicked links to test case source code lines displayed in the stacktrace in the Log Viewer

I use macOS 12.6 + Katalon Studio v8.3.0

Please have a look at the following Video

testcase editor got crazy

I will write a step-by-step operations I did and saw.

  1. I opened the project
  2. I opened a Test Case Test Cases/juni4/ObjectRepositoryGCTestRunner
  3. I ran the test case. It failed. The failure was expected, not a problem.
  4. Katalon Studio’s Console displayed messages, which contain a Java Stacktrace. The Stacktrace included some links to Test Case souce code lines.
  5. I clicked a link to (ObjectRepositoryGC.grooovy:62)
  6. Katalon Studio started a tab of Java Editor where the source code file of Keywords/com/kazurayam/ks/gc/ObjectRepositoryGC.groovy is opened in the “Script mode”
  7. In the Editor, I scrolled to the top of the source.
  8. On the left-hand border of the Editor, I noticed the line numbers 1,2,3,4,… are displayed, which appropriate. No problem.
  9. I moved the mouse pointer into the Console tab, and clicked another link to (ObjectRepositoryGC.groovy:42). The Editor displayed the line#42 and its around. Its OK.
  10. Again I scrolled the page to the top of the source.
  11. I clicked a link to (ObjectRepositoryGC.grooovy:62).
  12. I noticed that on the left-hand border the line numbers moved while in the source code pane the line#1 and its following lines are statically displayed.
  13. The line numbers of the left hand border moved as I clicked the links in the stacktrace while the source code pane stayed the same, it didn’t move.
  14. I cliked some line on the Editor pane, and moved the cursor up and down by keyboad :arrow_up_small: :arrow_down_small:. The souce code lines were displayed … (how can I express it in English properly) … garbled; crashed; broken.
  15. I confirmed the source code file wasn’t saved changed at all while it was displayed broken.
  16. Please imagine, why I clicked the links displayed in the Console? I was intensively debugging my custome Keyword classes which threw Exceptions somehow. The bug of the Katalon Editor distubed me.
  17. I know more bugs of Katalon Studio’s Editor like this.

You can download the Source code, unzip it, open the project in your local Katalon Studio.


Thank you so much for sharing this to us. We will try to reproduce it and raise bug report internally if needed. Once there is any update, I will let you know. Thank you.