Katalon Taking a Long Time to find objects on one website, but not another

Katalon takes almost 15 minutes to find objects in one website, but mere seconds on another nearly identical website I am testing. My guess is that it’s because the elements are deeply nested (Nevertheless, it’s still quite slow on pages where elements are not deeply nested). By deeply nested, I mean having to go down 8 levels when I inspect the page to find the input boxes. The input boxes are in the divs where class=“dataRow”.

Here is the relevant script from the test case:

No errors thrown, just incredibly slow.

Things I have tried in order to fix this:

  • Switched the locator from the XPath to attributes on all inputs. No increase or reduction in speed.
  • Ensured the delay between actions (in Settings) is set to 0 seconds.
  • Closed and reopened Katalon (even left it over night)

I’m using Katalon 7.2.1 and Chrome 79.0 . The website I’m testing is not supported by Firefox.

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Hi there,

Try to go to Project > Settings > Execution > Smart wait and turn it off to see if it improves the performance.


Worked like an absolute charm! Thank you!

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