Katalon Studio takes too much time to add data

I have a field (Input _ text Filed)
it is taking 1min 39 sec to process, is there any solutions ?



I guess, your TestObject instanciated by findTestObject(" /22May2023/close") is wrong. It is not pointing any HTML element. Therefore your WebUI.click() failed after 30 seconds.

What’s wrong with the TestObject? — Nobody knows other than you, as you Haven’t disclised your TestObject definition; you haven’t showed us the HTML source code.

You should insert WebUI.verifyElementPresent before WebUI.click:

WebUI.verifyElementPresent(findTestObject("        /22May2023/close"), 10)
WebUI.click(findTestObject("        /22May2023/close"))

This way you can make sure that the TestObject findTestObject(" /22May2023/close") is correctly points to an HTML element.

i have shared sceenshot

Your XPath expression contains a string of digits: 124641.

I guess, the HTML of your target web page once had 124641, but now it no longer has 124641.

I guess, that the part changes everytime you request the page.

Am I right? Please check.

let me check

this is HTML

it is not changing … //*[@id=“wpforms-124641-field_4”]

Please try inserting WebUI.verifyElementPresent before WebUI.click.

still same issue,
if it is not against the Katalon forum policy , would you like to help me out on skype / zoom ?

Use “Attributes” Selection Method instead of Xpath, i am sure your execution time will save

can you guide me how to add it ?

Hi @noor.ahmed,

While it is not against our Community Guideline if you solicit help directly via Zoom or Skype, we do encourage you to work with others and try to resolve your issue in your thread so that if other members who may encounter the same issues, they will be able to find the solutions here as well.

Or, please remember to come back here and post the solutions afterward. :+1:

Thank you Very much for your response

I am sharing my Zoom and Skype ID, Kindly anyone help me out will highly be appreciated

Skype : noor.ahmed_13
Zoom : noor.ahmed@skylines.ae

I suggested 2 points

  1. the element’s id could be dynamic
  2. should make sure the element is present in the browser window before clicking it.

@noor.ahmed replied these 2 suggestions did not solve his problem. Then I have no more idea.

No. I am not willing to. Please help yourself.

If you have a payed license, you should be able to ask Katalon Support for help.

@albert.vu ?? I think this is not the way …!

In your image above, you have an XPath that has type, id and name. Instead of all 3, may I suggest we try with just the main one, id. IDs are supposed to be unique, so it should give us an unique pathway.

xpath = id("wpforms-12461-field_4")
xpath = //input[@id="wpforms-12461-field_4"]

The two pathways are equivalent, but only for IDs.

So, as @atul.rai states, instead of using the XPath radio button, use the Attribute radio button. Add the Name “tag” with a Value of “input” for your first property and a Name of “xpath”, which you can select from the drop-down, with a Value that I gave above for the second property, like:


Let’s see what that does.

Only xpath checkbox should be checked and other should be unchecked

Notice the Selected Locator “formula” for the pathway with both Names checked. If you remove the tag checkmark, the “formula” would not change. Katalon Studio is “smart” enough to figure the “formula” out. Probably based on a hierarchy of tags and attributes. However, to me it’s moot, but you may do it your way.
If I had used id as the second Name, then a new “formula” would appear, like the second “formula” that I show in my post above.

Yeah, right! :smiley:

@noor.ahmed I had a similar issue in the past and I simply disabled the “default smart wait” in project configuration. Did you already tried it ?