Katalon Studio was crashed after start up

Hello, Is anyone faced with this issue.

Please take a look on my log.

1614850323242.log (862.5 KB)

You seem to have JDK11 which is unsupported yet.

See the official installation guide.

  1. Install OpenJDK 8 on your Ubuntu (NOT Oracle JDK). You can find the installation steps here. Once you finish the installation, your OpenJDK information is displayed when you execute java -version command.
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In there a target date on when Katalon plans to support newer versions of OpenJava?

The reason I an asking is Katalon seems to support version 8, where as the latest release is version 16. Many applications in the Linux world are up to Java version 8 where there is a greater push to secuirity patching.


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Currently, we don’t have any plan to update Katalon Studio to use the later version of Java in the near future. Many Java vendors are maintaining JDK 8 with frequent security patches such as OpenJDK, Azul Zulu, AdoptOpenJDK. Don’t worry about the security vulnerabilities if you installed the latest updates of JDK 8.


Thanks for your feedback. It would be great if you could add this information to the installation notes in the Linux section. There are people having on going discussions there and with the way Linux Distributions are it is unlikely they will have OpenJava version 8 installed by default.

To be more specific from my side, well I use some of the OWASP security testing tools and they are using OpenJava 11 now. I do agree that OpenJava 8 is being patched but I am starting to get this feeling we are going back to 1999 where I have to manage multiple Java versions.

Would the correct assumption be that there are not many Linux paid licenses to the reason development is conservative to support newer Java versions? At the moment my workplace has been buying the Windows licenses (I just happen to troubleshoot scripts in Linux on my own time).

Steps I used to remove the current Java Environment from Arch Linux and replaces it with OpenJava version 8 (where the default was Java 16):

(1) Open Terminal.

(2) Install OpenJava 8:

sudo pacman -S jre8-openjdk jre8-openjdk-headless

(3) Uninstall the current Java Environment (*Note: make sure you check your program dependencies prior to uninstall:

sudo pacman -R jre-openjdk jre-openjdk-headless

(4) Fix your Java Environment in Arch Linux:

sudo archlinux-java fix

(5) Reboot

(6) Verify Java version in your terminal:

java -version
openjdk version “1.8.0_292”
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_292-b10)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.292-b10, mixed mode)


it is, somehow, mentioned, altough i agree that the instructions on the Katalon for Linux page can be made more explicit:
1. Install OpenJDK 8 on your Ubuntu (NOT Oracle JDK).

I don’t think so, i don’t see how ‘Linux licensing’ can stop the development. Opensource / free tools are working just fine.
(well, is not clear if you are speaking about a Linux license, e.g RHEL or an Ubuntu subscription or you speak about a Java license for linux … but still. OpenJDK just works)
The main reason lot of developers are still with java8 is … there are a lot of changes in the API, so, depending on the complexity of the app, sometime can be a nightmare to migrate to a newer Java version.

Hi Bionel,

Thanks for your feedback. I was not referring to the Development of OpenJava (as there are newer versions available with equally security patching).

I was asking about the Development Roadmap Katalon for Linux. To the best of my knowledge the Katalon for Windows and Katalon for Linux have not reached feature parity. If this is true then I am looking for feedback from Katalon Product Management on what their intentions/commitment is.

At the end of the day I need to make a decision whether to advise my department whether they should switch some of our paid licenses to Linux or keep them all Windows.