Katalon Studio takes too much time to add data

I didn’t try this yet, but let me try!

Actually, there are may way you can improve speed for example some of them as below

  1. Disabled/uncheck Take screenshot option if you don not need.
  2. Disabled the “default smart wait” in project configuration
  3. Disabled/uncheck Self-healing option if you don not need…etc
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i tried this , but not working

I think its web site issue , on which I am preforming testing, because I just add Send key option Page Down, and it is also taking too much time.

Might be its server issue , where this web site is hosting?

@noor.ahmed You can try same thing for another websites if this is a particular website issues.

Correct , for other web site its working fine.
Actually I have to informed to client that what the actual issue .

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Hi @noor.ahmed, we noticed that you have been asking quite a few questions up till now. We just want to check in to see if you have found the solution that you need?

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Actually this issue is still not fixed
I am still working on this to figure it out
I have tried any platform, and I have found below mentioned issue

Example :

1- Crate Customer - edit Customer - Working Fine.
2- Create Supplier - Edit Supplier - Working fine.
3 - Purchase Order Working Fine.
4- Sales Order Working Fine.


When I go to either sales invoice or purchase invoice , Katalon take to much time to process, almost take 3 min to process form one file to another input filed.

I will request Katalon to check this issue out.

I think Current issue is different from earlier reported issue, so this one should be raised into separate thread.

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it is same issue,
I am trying to check this on different platform or this issue is coming in different level

One of my friend is going to migrate his project from Katalon to Selenium, and I dont have any valid reason to share with him to stay at KATALON.

There fore I am asking for Katalon community to sort out this issue.

Thank you

Katalon comunity is not here to sort out any issue, but to guide and share experience.
With the data you provided up to now, the comunity cannot help much.
If you are a licensed user, rise the issue with Katalon support.
Thank you!

ohoo @albert.vu
I think my Katalon whats app group is much better then this community, at least in that group people always try to help each other either that are licensed user or not ?

Dont take it personal but always try to help

Thank you

Then, kindly stick with your whatsapp group, skype and whatever you like and don’t waste anymore the comunity time.

You have been notified on various topics you raised about the comunity guidelines but you keep ignoring.

very rude person :slight_smile:

@bionel Always Smile :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything rude in my answer, and I was smiling when I wrote it.
I got it, you like your own rules, fine for me.
I was speaking from the comunity point of view, with the hope you may understand why don’t you received the expected answers.

For example, I may find this sentence being rude.
So I could answer:
‘And… who are you in this comunity to demand for your issues to be sorted by us?’
… but I didn’t…

it was not demand , it was request.


Hi, can someone from the @team take a look at this issue?

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