Katalon Studio not responding and crash

Katalon Studio [v7.9.1] will be not responding with consuming tons of memory, then it will crash once a day at least. This is very bad!

which release is more stable? I don’t need all those fancy features, I just want a tool that will not crash easily.

Please try the following; this will make your project clean:

  1. stop Katalon Studio
  2. remove the projectDir/bin and projecDir/Libs folder — don’t worry, they will be automatically recreated
  3. restart Katalon Studio, open your project

then see how KS works

thanks for the trick. I think it helps. But which KS version is more stable (not easy to crash) from your experience?

I feel that Katalon Studio [v7.9.1] is very buggy and crash so easily.

I do not think your problem is KS version-specific.

I suppose the way you installed KS ver7.9.1 is different from the way you installed previous KS versions, and is causing problems. I do not know what, though.

Please share your “Katalon Studio log” where you may find useful diagnostics:

  • Windows: <Katalon Studio folder>\config\.metadata\.log

  • macOS: file:///Applications/Katalon%20Studio.app/Contents/MacOS/config/.metadata/log

really? I didn’t install. I just use the existing app from https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio/releases/download/v7.9.1/Katalon.Studio.app.zip. Then I can keep several versions in the same machine without installing them.

Are you on Windows? or Mac? or Linux?

Do you mean you upgraded your KS installation by “Autoupdate” feature mentioned in the doc?

Well, I never use the “Autoupdate”. A few years ago I used it on Windows and experienced problems, though I forgot detail. When a software project is to be upgraded across a version (e.g., v7.8.x -> 7.9.x), the newer version demands disk resources refreshed — some files/dirs should be removed, some files/dirs should be added. If there is unexpected resources created by previous version remains on disk, the newer version may crash. Therefore “Autoupdate” feature must be well-tested. I am afraid that the Autoupdate feature of KS on Windows is not of highest quality. I do not trust it.

Why not you try remove the current KS installation and install it cleanly?

not “Autoupdate” . I use Mac. You can just download https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio/releases/download/v7.9.1/Katalon.Studio.app.zip, then unzip it, then you can just run it. It’s an app already.

i never install KS :slight_smile: I just download and run it

I use KS 7.9.1 on Mac Book Air and do not experience any crash. I do not think your problem is version specific.

How about you stepping back to the previous version of KS, run the same test to see if you experience memory issues again.

You can get the previous versions at

I have ever experienced problems of “consuming tons of memory” in various versions of KS. For example, this case. Always I found the cause resided in my custom codes, not in KS.

In the screenshot you attached above, I noticed your test uses Data Files. How large the data is? Tons of data may require tons of memory. How your test behaves if you choose smaller size of Data File?

thanks for all the suggestions. I have been using KS for a few years and have used many different versions already. It seems previous versions are more stable, I feel version 6.3.3 is better with less feature, but more stable. I will try to find out the root cause of the issue.

They have KS 8.0 release now, so I’ll see if it will be better.

Well, I don’t think so. I used KS since v5.3.0. All versions had own unique problems, but they worked acceptable for me.