Katalon Studio keeps crashing when I try to add Cucumber Built-in Keywords


When I try to add the Built-in Keywords>Cucumber Keywords> General> Run Feature File, when I try to hover on this or the other choices, my katalon studio 8.4.1 keeps crashing. I also tried this with lower version but the problem still happen. I guess it has something to do with the Keyword Description?

I tried to search in this forum if someone experienced this but I cannot seem to find any solution to this.

This is where before I hover on the choices.

when I try to hover over them before clicking my katalon studio keeps crashing, it will just go to not responding

@russelljeremiah.vill I will bring this issue to the Product Team to see what they have to say about this bug, and I will update you about their response.

Hi @russelljeremiah.vill,

Please share the error log, your system specification: OS, CPU, RAM, some screenshots of Task Manager while Studio is not responding and also share the place you get v8.4.1 because we just released for a while and wonder why you get this version so early :smile:

same issue for me :confused:

I am also facing the same issue in Katalon version 8.5.5

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Hi @krishna.gunturu ,
Can you share me the display scale settings of your computer? The “Change the size of text, apps, and other items

I see, for now you can try using the size 125% or 100% (recommend) as we haven’t supported the 150% yet.
I apologize for this inconvenience.

@russelljeremiah.vill Was it resolved? I’m also facing the same issue.