Saving issue and performance issue while creating multiple keywords

In order to create functions and reuse them we are creating custom keywords but when we make changes and try to save, the changes are not getting saved. Many a times in the script the changes are reflecting but at the time of execution it is taking the previous value.

Could someone help us out?

It is a bit weird. Could you have some example or script that could help us finding the rootcause?

Thanks for the reply.

Whenever we make changes to the test script after adding a new keyword, we are facing saving issues.
For example, we tried modifying an object’s xpath in Object Repository. But while executing it does not take the new xpath value. It is getting executed with the previous value. However, in the repository in the attributes section the changes are reflected.

Also, sometimes even if an Object’s xpath is modified and saved, after sometime it still shows the old value. In essence its not getting saved at all.

I am too seeing the issue being mentioned. Just noticed now that after some point of time, Katalon stops saving changes made anywhere throughout the project. I also noticed, the * symbol on the tabs under which changes are being made doesn’t show up.

Because of this issue, I am now closing the project > reopening the project > make few changes > close and reopen project again, This is the only way I am able to save changes in my project.

Also, the save issue happens only when i see the below Cache Module node progress bar on hitting CTRL+S

And while closing the project, the following appears at random:

Saving the same file the next time works totally fine. All the above events happen only when SAVE doesnt work.

I hope this issue is fixed as soon as possible by the technical team.