Katalon Studio goes into not responding mode frequently

Forgive my lack of technical expertize

  1. In my PC Katalon Studio is going to a non responding mode frequently in an hours work atleast 2 times. It is pain to restart and do everything again sometimes it does not save the changes

My Assumption:

Is the Katalon UI cannot reposnd back for a request on time. The repsonse time for any activity like creating a script saving opening script takes a min of 10 seconds.

What have I done to fix it.

  1. Updated to latest version
  2. Gave more memory for Katalon
  3. On others PC Katalon works fine.
  4. I dont have the luxury to replace my current laptop as it is brand new with all high end configuration


Anytime I use Windows 10, Katalon is a lot slower. I develop my tests on a Win7 workstation and run my Test Suites on a Win10 system. So I don’t see the exact same issues because I am not opening, editing and saving files on Win10.

One thing I always do on Win10 is prevent Windows security (i.e. Windows Defender) from monitoring my work folders. In this case that would be the Katalon installation folder and the Katalon project folder. Take the same approach for an anti-virus you have installed.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for the report. Are you using SSD or HDD? What is your average project size? Typically what actions were carried on during your working session?