Katalon Studio, Engine and Devops Azure plugin

Hello, can someone shed some light on the relationship of the Devops Azure Katalon plugin and the Studio and Engine? The plugin is free to install but is in the ‘preview’ stage. Does that mean that it is using the version 7 Engine? Does it also require the Engine license? How long will the preview last? Will the plugin cease to be free after the preview and so we’ll need to pay for the Engine license and the plugin separately? Please share the long term plan for this?

Hi @david.mossakowski

Azure DevOps plugin only facilitates the automatic process of downloading, deploying and executing tests with Katalon Studio on Azure DevOps platform. A command-line execution with Katalon Studio, regardless of the platform on which it is run (such as Azure, Jenkins), requires a RE license.

Azure DevOps plugin is going to stay free, as having the plugin without purchasing an RE is not meaningful. Therefore you would only need to purchase Runtime Engine.

@ThanhTo thanks for the clarification.