Integration in azure DevOps "Release" Pipeline

Hi all,

we are evaluating using Katalon as our UI (web and mobile) test automation tool and have questions regarding the integration to Azure DevOps.

  1. Our UI Tests should run within the release pipeline (i.e. after deployment), all examples i saw so far integrate katalon to the build pipeline, is it possible to run Katalon tests within the release pipeline in Azure DevOps?

  2. if yes, what would be the licensing model from Katalon side?

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Hi ,
I am also excited to get answer on this question. Please revert back

Yes , katalon fully supports azure DevOps cicd pipelines. You would need the below

Katalon studio enterprise
Katalon KRE (runtime engine)

If you buy 1KSE+1KRE , it should cost you 2800 ish dollars annually per user per machine apart from your azure DevOps cost