Katalon Studio does not recognize applications while they are not in the foreground

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the interaction of Windows applications.

When I run the following command: Windows.startApplicationWithTitle(‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Doms\PSS PumpSim2\PSS Pumpsim2.exe’, ‘Doms PumpSim 2’) , I must bring the application to the foreground to that katalon recognizes it and can interact with the application components, otherwise an error will appear

Could you help me with this, greetings and thanks

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What is the error message?

When you run KS on a Test Suite it starts a thread to process the commands of the Test Cases. In the meanwhile, you should still be able to work on another application, write a document or email and KS should keep working your code. So, my thinking is that you are doing something that interrupts the KS thread that is processing your Test Case. Are you minimizing the application so there is no “viewport” or element positioning?

Note: I use two monitors so that I am generally not overlapping my test application, but I do get Team notices that do overlap and the test continues. Also, when I am doing my emails and documentation, it would be those applications that are in the foreground, not the application being tested. So: Get a second monitor.