Switch to window title takes long - desktop app

When running switch To Window Title, it takes more than 30 seconds to finish execute. How do I find an application window faster

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How is it written in your script? Because I have no problems with changing windows and it goes pretty fast.

I use:
Windows.startApplicationWithTitle() followed by

I just decided to run the script with these two lines and necessary parameters and it took 10s to switch

However if I use
Windows.startApplicationWithTitle() followed by

then it takes 1s

Also i am using Windows.startApplicationWithTitle() multiple times to start multiple applications

Ah, this is for a desktop app right?
I thought this was a webbased question. I got no experience in desktop apps with Katalon. Only using the WebUI one. Sorry can’t help you with this :frowning:

Hope someone else can!

Hello Safrad,
Greetings !!

I just started with my desktop automation and facing the same issue- switching between windows is too slow. appreciate if you can assist me in resolving this issue

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I have the same problem. Slow switching :confused:

Same here. It takes 10-15 seconds ti click on the title bar.


Try below steps:

  1. Windows.getDriver().getwindowhandles() --> this step gives all windowhandle names
  2. Windows.getDriver().switchto(handlename) --> iterate through each handle
  3. Windows.getDriver().gettitle().equals() --> compare the title, if match, use the handle else, get back current to window handle

Note: this works if you want to switch between same application windows, because getwindowhandles() method returns windows of application we are using

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I’m also facing the same problem. It is very slow and execution time is too long. Somebody please throw some light here.