Katalon Studio Assert Custom Keywords Plugin

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can you please share one example or video link? How to use It?

Hi @ramchandra.nale91,

We have some sample usages at https://github.com/mytt221/katalon-studio-assert-custom-keyword-plugin/tree/master/Scripts. Please let me know if you still have any issues when using the plugin. Thanks

Hi, The plugin doesnt seem to work when running from a command line, if i run it through katallon gui its fine but when i run from a command line on the same machine i get classnotfoundexception

Hi @dstride1980,

Which katalon version are you using?. I verified on version 6.1.2, it works well in both GUI and console mode.

Hi @mytruong ,

I am on version 6.1.2, I have uploaded my result on GUI and Command line (Same machine, Same everything)



CommandLine.html (202.4 KB)
GUI.html (199.5 KB)

Hi @dstride1980

Please refer to the link https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-store/docs/user/API-key.html#create-a-new-key to resolve your issue.

Thank you for your reply

@mytruong Is it possible to add screenshot on fail in your custom keywords, as when fail at mo doesnt take one

I installed the plugin and now I cannot find it or even know how to use it - don’t even know how to uninstall it and start over??? - Very new to this

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