Katalon Scripts not working on IE 11


I developed some scripts using Katalon Studio and its working fine in Chrome browser but when I tried to run same scripts on IE it is not performing any action (like click, set text etc.) on objects, Its just launching application.

Do I need to set any settings on IE or Katalon Studio?


Refer to this link https://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/Internet+Explorer+Configurations ;
So the main thing for me was to unselect (disable) the “Enable Protected Mode” checkmark (and also do this action at the Advanced tab of the Internet Options - if it is enabled). But pay attention - you must unselect (disable) the “Enable Protected Mode” checkmark FOR ALL ZONES which means to uncheck it for “Internet”. “Local intranet”, “Trusted sites” & “Restricted sites” - then click Apply and restart IE browser.


Thanks for replying. I am looking for the solution for this issue as well.