Internet Explorer Configurations

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Actually, Enable Protected Mode must be disabled for all, I tried having all those enable and I almost lost my mind. Disable all!
Also I added "ignoreProtectedModeSettings -> Boolean -> true in Project Settings > Desired Capabilities > WEB UI > IE. But I’m not sure if this made any difference

We have used all of the configurations, but are still having issues.

So I tried following this and now IE wont even open anymore when running Katalon


Is the DWORD 32bit or 64bit?

For the correct operation of IE 11, windows 10, under the katalon Studio it is necessary to make the settings.

>Project > Setings > Desired Capabilities > Web UI > IE > +Add name = ignoreProtectedModeSettings , type= Boolean, value = true

Making these changes ended up preventing the IE Driver from loading at all within Katalon. PLEASE be careful when trying these instructions! I had to perform an entire IE reset to get tests even loading again.

I am using Katalon 6.3.2 and IE 11. Once again, PLEASE BE CAREFUL when making these changes.

Do you want us to be careful of the post author or the commenters?

do you mean the main instruction or the instruction by Celine

I ran into the same issue that @jenkinsmorgan04 did when running the main instructions.

i ran the same issue :frowning:

what your did for ie open again?

Any solution about IE execution?
I could open the browser but non click or set text are executed during the test.

Hi All ,

I am able to open the browser in IE but unable to provide input using set text.
When I run the script in IE there is no error and the driver waits in navigate to URL step and does not continue to next steps like setting text for username and password.
I also updated the IE driver in Katalon studio and reboots also don’t work.

The same script however runs fine in Edge browser.

Make sure Zoom is at 100% and all security option are disable. I remember I had that issue and I realize that for some reason IE change the all the settings to default. So every, 5-10 runs I always check for those settings

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I’m having the same problem. After made all this configuration IE opens and load the URL but all the page is blank. How do you fix it?

I am facing the same issue where my IE browser opens, but the blank page is displayed. As a result, the test fails with WebElementNotFoundException since it’s not able to find the element on the page. I have tried different
IE versions:11.476.18362 and 11.1069.17134 and IE drivers and followed all the steps on: This worked for me earlier but seeing problem with the test run this time. Please advise.

There is a missing step actually, the RecorderExtension.RecorderBHO (add on in IE) has to be enabled for the recording IE feature to work

So anyone run into company security policy not allowing them to change the IE settings? I can’t change Enable Protected Mode to be the same across all. Is there any other way around this.

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Hi, Even I am also facing the same problem.
Please do let me know if you have found the solution.