Parallel execution is inconsistent in katalon run time engine

Hi Katalon Team,
We are in process to setup &/or evaluate automation using Katalon studio v 8.2.5 for our application under testing. The AUT has WEB. To start with I created 6 test suites for web-ui and tried to ran these test cases in parallel execution mode.
Using katalon studio if I execute test collection I’m not facing any issue, but using katalon run time engine we are facing different issues each time.

And we set up a jenkins Job and we are running automation tests when there is any new build.

If we execute parallel more than two instances the jobs are failing
If we execute parallel with two instances and 5 sec delay between each instance the jobs are inconsistent, build is passing some time and if we run the same job again in Jenkins it will fail saying an element not found and if we re run again it will give some other error and if we re run again it will pass.

If we run in Sequential then it is stable.

Does this means parallel execution modes is not working at all ?

Please advice is there is any problem in my approach for running parallel mode & suggest how to rectify errors occurred while executing web-ui tests in parallel execution mode.

Which settings will be consistent in KRE to execute test in parallel?

Vijay Reddy

This indicates that your test cases are not coded robust enough. You should fix all of this sort of fragilities one by one.

Possibly your test case tries to click an Web element before it appear on the screen. Therefore error occurs. If your test case script tries to click a <button> element for just 10 miili-second before the element appears, then your script will fail. You should change test cases so that they make “enough wait” for the elements to appear on the browsers display;


for example, read this advice:

selenium.ElementNotVisibleException: Element is not currently visible and so may not be interacted. Add the Wait For Element Visible keyword before the one having this issue. To learn more about the Wait For Element Visible keyword, you can refer to this document here: [WebUI] Wait For Element Visible. For example:

No. Parallel execution is not the immediate reason why you get “element not found” errors. Once you improve your Test Cases more robust, then they would run in Parallel mode as well.

Possibly you use different machines, differnet OS, different versions of browsers. Possibly you use Browser with Head for desktop testing, and you use Headless browser on Jenkins. Headed or Headless — this difference is significant for Test Case stability because Headless browser runs at the different speed from Headed browser. If your test case is not ensuring presence of Web Elements, then your test case will be unstable; it may pass on Headed browser but may fail on Headless browser.

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