Parallel tests are much slower when running on linux and docker

I have been noticing major slowness when running a collection with 4 tests in parallel on linux and docker container.

It used to take 2-3 hours to finish (about 2 months ago), but now it takes 12 hours, and there were no major updates on my test scripts eg. same amount of test cases.

I have run the same collection on windows and it takes 3 hours to finish.
I then ran tests on katalon docker image installed on the same windows box as above. and it took 12 hours to finish.

I have made sure that sufficient cpu and memory were supplied to run the tests.

Has anyone been experiencing this issue? Or is there any way to make parallel tests run faster on linux or docker container?

okay, i found out why.

It is caused by Docker Desktop Community

I rolled back to v2.0 and everything works fine again.


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