Katalon Recorder v 3.5.1 inserts double values in fields


I noticed a problem in Katalon Recorder extension in both Chrome and FF. After test is recorded and replayed from the extension, double values are inserted into fields and the test fails. If I export the test and replay it from Visual Studio it runs normally.

Can you please check what is the problem?


I’m experiencing the same issue. The script is supposed to select a textbox and type some information in. It has worked many times in the past, but today it is duplicating the information. My entire team is having the same issue.

We’re working on it. Sorry for the issue.

We are reverting to the old version (3.5.0). I’ll keep you posted.

Just for the debugging - were those fields autocomplete enabled?

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The new version has been published. Could you please check and see if the issue has been resolved?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you very much! Everything works perfectly now!

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