Duplicate entries in text fields

Dear friends,
I have been using the Katalon Automation Recorder for a year now with no problems.
However, suddenly my scripts (which all functioned just fine last week) are inserting duplicates into all text fields. A simple example would be First Name: Jim, I now get JimJim??? Masked fields are fine of course, but I can slow down the script and see it is trying to insert a duplicate into them also. This occurs in Chrome regardless of auto fill being on or off.
Nothing has changed on this machine, nor has it been used since the last test round.

Version 3.5.1

Any suggestions as to what may have happened would be most welcome.

Thanks, Bonzo

Hi bonzo…there is bug in new release… katalon team is working on that…it will resolved soon.

Oh thank you, thought I was losing it there! :slight_smile: My team will be happy to hear this.

Thanks for the great response, fix (3.5.2) works as expected. Most impressed.