Katalon Recorder not opening sub-page of URL

When attempting to use the “open” command and value set to a specific page URL, it will load the websites root page instead. For example, if I am trying to access website.com/contact it will instead open the homepage of website.com every time. Is there any way to resolve this issue or do I have to build my tests in such a way that it must navigate through clicks to that page every time?

Katalon Recorder 5.1.0 on macOS Catalina 10.15.4 executing in Google Chrome 81.0

I have realized this is mostly due to user error and that I should be using the target field instead. But, I am also currently experiencing an issue where it will open the current page + whatever text is entered in target. So say I am on the homepage website.com and want to open website.com/contact it will actually load page website.com/website.com/contact instead.

It’s because You have to use full adress like: https://www.website.com/contact
If You use address without “https://” it will work as You described (concatenate addresses together).

It’s pretty cool solution if You for example have at the beginning of your test “open” with “https://webstie.com” and rest of open commands have urls like “/contact” so if you want to run this test on “https://developer.webstite.com” You change address only at the begining.