Katalon Recorder Next Release

I understand that the latest version of Katalon Recorder is Version 5.9.0 which was released on 30 June 2022.

Can you please advise me when the next release is due ?

Will this support Manifest V3 ?.



I will ask my team and get back to you soon.

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I’m looking forward to hearing about any news on this, too.


Following the information I have received from internal team, KS Gen 4 will update Recorder to support Manifest V3 in Q4 2023. This will be the only improvement from the current recorder, other requests will be nominated to Cloud Studio’s version. Therefore, if you would like to use the latest Recorder version, you will need to switch using Cloud Studio. Thank you!

For your reference: Chrome Manifest V3

It’s now Q3 2023, is this still on track?

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