This dropdown option is not selecting in recorder, how to add it?

I had clicked on the arrow and try to select “British Columbia”, but there is no effect of it in the recorder. How can I add it?

It should work with the command select, target the id of the dropdown, and the value should be label=British Columbia


Thanks for your reply.
The dropdown doesn’t have any id and i am unable to select it with CSS selector and xPath.

What should i do?

Hi @codemen.saiful

If you can use Katalon Studio, you can use Spy Tool to capture the object, then manually add the click action on that object. Note that Katalon Recorder may not be able to pick up certain elements, which is why I recommend using KS which has Object Spy to handle situations like this.

Like @ThanhTo said just Record the action and then add the click action and choose the target like that:

You could use the //div/ … option it can be different for every case but it works