Katalon Recorder 5.8.0 Error: "draggable.simulate is not a function"

Operating System (multiple)

Katalon Recorder Extension: 5.8.0

Katalon Recorder Message

[info] Executing: | dragAndDropToObjectByJqueryUI | css=div[mh=‘tabManagetables’] td[key=‘0’] div.item:nth-of-type(1) | css=div[mh=‘tabManagetables’] td[key=‘1’] |

[error] draggable.simulate is not a function

Environment (for Web testing): Brave Browser / Google Chrome

Steps to reproduce

Using the 5.8.0 version of the Katalon Recorder attempt to issue a "dragAndDropToObjectByJqueryUI

Attached is a short script that touches a public demo/test server.

KatalonRecorder_5.8.0_Bug.krecorder.zip (1.5 KB)

Expected Behavior

Perform the Drag N Drop operation.

Actual Behavior

The dragAndDropToObjectByJqueryUI event now appears to be broken.

I have also downloaded the 5.7.5 version of the Katalon Recorder Extension and this same script runs without error.

Hi there,

We have fixed the issue and it should work fine in the next release within a few days from now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.